Brecon Five Vodka

FIVE Vodka

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Penderyn Distillery has launched its new Brecon FIVE Vodka








We asked our Master Distiller, Dr Jim Swan, to create a super premium Vodka with a distinct smoothness and a modern twist.

Five times distilled for purity but with an increased amount of barley spirit from the Penderyn still to create a smoothness and complexity expected by connoisseurs, the new FIVE Vodka has a smooth fruity twist. Add to this an abv 43% and you know you are drinking something quite exceptional.

We wanted to create a look that reflected the new FIVE Vodka and we think we have done this. With its contemporary matte black finish and uncomplicated branding, FIVE Vodka looks truly stylish and elegant. The new branding has already won several design awards:

• The USA Communication Arts, Award of Excellence
• The Art Directors Club of New York Award
• Penta Awards Worldwide 2011, Bronze Award
• International Spirits Challenge 2011, Silver Medal
• WPPED Cream awards winner

FIVE Vodka Tasting Notes

Five is distilled 5 times to be as pure as can be. Vodka may be charcoal-filtered, but Five is so pure we don't need to. Five is a premium 43% ABV. FIVE is made with pure clean water from its own glacier-bred, rock filtered source in the wild Brecon Beacons Mountain Range. Five gains a smooth fruit twist when we add a hint of barley spirit from the unique Penderyn still.


FIVE Vodka

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Wow just tried the superb five vodka, it's like drinking a cloud, smooth, warm and rounded. Please don't mix this, if you like Penderyn whiskey you will love this!!!! Enjoy

Iain @ Karen

Hmmm ... Penderyn. My daughter gave me a sample bottle of your Five Vodka; and a comment is due. In a cut glass, it is by far the finest Vodka that I have every tried; and I would say, that you should leave it there for ever; for in my humble opinion, you have created perfection, and no improvement is possible. Bri

Brian Preston

this vodka is fantastic so smooth well done

jackie kitchen

By far and away the best vodka I have ever tasted!! Superb!

Jane Roberts

best vodka ive tried, smooth, fruity and totally yum



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