Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky Madeira finished 70cl

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Awarded Gold at the International Whisky Competition 2012, 2013 & 2014, Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky is finished in Madeira casks to impart a generous flavour of subtle complexity.  Hand crafted to perfection, the unique distillation process at Penderyn Distillery produces a single malt whisky that is smooth, light in character and softly golden in colour. 



Penderyn has a beautifully balanced taste, and is suitable for drinking on all occasions.


Dr Jim Swan's Tasting Notes
The original Penderyn in this bottle has been aged in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in ex-Madeira wine casks to bring out its full golden character. At a generous 46% ABV, it has a classic freshness with aromas of cream toffee, rich fruit and raisins. The palate is crisp and finely rounded, with the sweetness to balance an appetising dryness. Notes of tropical fruit, raisins and vanilla persist in the finish

Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky
Single Malt Madeira

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Excellent whiskey got to say one of best I've tasted for price great value

Steve heath Shropshire

I live in the Philippines and have shared a few bottles of Penderyn with friends from many Countries. My German neighbor has fallen in love with it and wants me to get him a Create! Unfortunately he will have to wait for friends visiting from Wales or U.K. to replenish my supplies. Just a great Whisky say no more!!

Mr. Phillip Charles Williams

My son-in-law and I have tossed many a whiskey over the last 6 years. So, we are no experts. Our tastes have come to rest on several fine Scotches and an Irish whiskey. Now Welsh whisky is added. All of the claimed flavor notes were there in an exquisite palate collage. A surprise vestige of coconut and oak expressed themselves in the final aromatics. When we visit the UK, Penderyn will be one of our destination.

Richards & Rhodes Brewing Vermont, USA

So very very smoooooooth!

CPT Henry Morgan

Whilst attending a Military re-union in the Midlands recently I noticed a bottle of Penderyn Madeira behind the bar. Being in the company of several Scottish retired Soldiers with many a year of drinking Scotch behind them and not too many left in front of them,I purchased a shot for several of them with the challenge of naming the product. Needless to say they were all convinced that it was some expensive Scottish Malt that had been distilled in some far off Scottish Glen. When I produced the bottle from behind the bar they were flabbergasted, but converted. Thanks Penderyn apart from having one up on them at Rugby I now have Penderyn to brag about.

Alun Laugharne

I was bought a bottle of the Madeira malt as a gift and as I am regularly bought gifts such as this, the bottle joined my well stocked cupboard. I had occasion to visit a fellow welshman who equally enjoys a tipple so we cracked the bottle around the fireside. WOW!!!!! Never had better ever ever ever

Richard C Henson MBE

a very nice easy single malt that does not burn like the scotch whisky.. very pleasant indeed, im hooked just don't add water !!

Terry blackmore



Finding Penderyn is like discovering a precious gem. We live in France and friends have scoffed when we ask them to try Welsh whisky, until they taste it, then they are converted. We visited Penderyn when we were in the area last year and can highly recommend a visit.

Mostyn & Christine Hart

While there are many lovely Scotch whiskys to be had, the experience of Penderyn single malt Welsh Whiskey is second to none. My first sip brought to mind a fine Armanac, my sipping buddy agreed. This Welsh Gold is dangerously delicious, Penderyn truly reflects the highest degree of fine whisky making. Thank You for a wonderful product.

Tom Misisco

This whisky is the finest I have tasted, I am not surprised by the reveiws it gets. As I was born in Wales and still live in near by Powys I feel proud to say we as a nation can produce excellent whisky to rival Irish and Scottish whisky. I have a bottle in my cupboard waiting to be opened when the evenings get colder. Next year my Australian friend says she wants to visit the distillery I will be there to hopefully.

Rod Williams.

A Fellow Worker from Vancouver Island brought a bottle of this whiskey to our annual camping trip, and offered it to the assembled around a roaring campfire in the forests of Washington State. At the first sip, I knew this was a special spirit, and found it to be seductive, immanently smooth, of fine character, and of unique provenance. A fine product, and the best whiskey I have ever tasted.

Gordon Glick

i was bought two bottles on the launch of this whiskey i decided to save for a year or two so i perchased a couple of minatures to try i was frightened of opening them in case i couldnt find any more i will now open one forit was the nicest taste ive everexperiened like welsh angels dancing on my toungue

ron hurst

I am normally a Scotch single malt drinker, but the first taste of Penderyn was a revelation. Very smooth, strong nose and wonderful flavour in the mouth. I am now definitely a convert, and the latest batch is even better than the first bottle 2 years ago; a subtle improvement, but noticeable. Definitely on the regular purchase list now.

Chris D

This is absolutely gorgeous. My brother and sister-in-law usually buy me one at Christmas. Our family is from S Wales, and I am proud to say this is the best whisky I have ever drunk!


1st tried this at the Old Rectory on the Lake B and B near Cader Idris after walking the hills-our hosts recommended we try it and sitting in front of a real log fire we tried it-have tried many whiskies and can say that this is now one of my favourites-very warming yet mild


What a surprise ... just had my first taste of this unusual Welsh whisky and wow i'm impressed ! Received as a present i opened the bottle with a certain amount of "surely this can't be any good' ... but how wrong could i be, i wont be sharing this one thats for sure. Penderyn, i'm rather impressed ... I think you might just become an old friend !

Gary Ponting.

Excellent single malt lovely long aftertaste my daughter and son-in-law brought me a bottle for this christmas.Being a whisky drinker for many years this was my first bottle,but it won,t be my last.

Frederick Nethercott

Review? What is there to there to say other than superb! I usually wait for my family to buy my whisky for Christmas, birthday, fathers day, etc. but this one I buy myself. Why? Simply because I can't wait.

Peter G Davies

Penderyn is the perfect whiskey for those who love bourbon and cognac. I received my first bottle as a gift and will always bless the giver for introducing me to this ethereal drink. It is smooth, aromatic and filled with complex flavors that emerge gradually in ever changing combinations. Simply put, Penderyn is an addiction worth cultivating.

Angelo, NYC

My good wife visited wales on a day trip with her brother. On a shopping walk about she saw a minature bottle of this Penderyn madeira whiskey. As her hubby (me) likes a tipple once a day she decided to get me one. I have just tipped it into my fave tulip glass and what a pleasant ,wonderfull suprise.I'm not an expert but i have tried a few fine blends/malts over 50+yrs and this is so close to the best ,In fact i'm ordering a couple bottles at this moment. Very warming ,smooth and not intrusive, lovely flavours. Thank you penderyn


First tried this in a pub at the bottom of Snowdon. Really enjoyed it; and even more when I got back (reached the top despite severe weather, the railway closing down, and the visitor centre evacuated). This is a top quality whisky. I found a bottle at Larnaka airport - couldn't belive it! Now enjoying a blast (during Ramadan, but don't tell anybody) in Amman.


I was looking for my ideal nightcap which seemed like an eternal quest - whilst in North Wales (Penmaenpool George III Hotel) I was introduced to your single malt. Wonderful and no indigestion!

Paul Southwick

My father, who is Welsh, is dying and I wanted something special for him to enjoy in his final months. What a fabulous surprise to discover Penderyn, which my (Irish) mother also loves.

Lyn Tattum

This has goto be one of the best whisky's I have ever tried,absolutly brilliant. Blows other whisky's away with its complex flavour and aftertones. 10 out of 10,5 star!

Chris Sabin

Prnderyn was the "Choice whisky of the day" at a local restaurant here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Having just come back from a cycling trip through England, Wales and Scotland, complete with visits to a number of distilleries, I thought I'd give it a try! Penderyn stands up to any and all of the whiskies I sampled in Scotland. Thankfully, there is a local merchant, so I can enjoy this fine whisky at my leisure!. Diolch

Simon Batcup

a welsh friend recommended it to my and i laughed ,a welsh whisky i joked ,as a bourbon drinker ,ie makers mark, woodfords.buillet.too name a few .TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by its soft smooth taste . a force to be reckoned with .

robert grinter

As a member of the Penderyn Club I can tell you that this is possibly the Best Whisky in the British Isles. If you are reading this review and are unsure then throw caution to the wind and be prepared to Enjoy and ENJoy agai and agiin

Colin Elliot

My daughter & her husband kindly bought me a bottle of Penderyn single malt for my Birthday present. I must say it is one of the nicest whiskies I have tasted for a long long time. What a fantastic find. Will definitely by it again.

Trevor Williams

This is a very good a long tastefull whisky. From a Dutch whiskydrinker

Harrie Kootstra

What a good single malt this is. I will be honoured to drink this whisky and help elevate it to the top of all single malts. Drink Savour Enjoy and drink more.

Colin Elliot

It is the best whisky I have ever tasted in 25 years of drinking whisky - my first and not the last experience of Penderyn!!


As a Welshman and Whisky drinker for over 35 years, I was astonished at the explosion of tastes from Penderyn Single Malt and I am not at all suprised by it's international recognition. I look forward to tasting the rest of the family. (TOP TIP! - if you wear false teeth, take the top set out before you taste - MMMMMMMMMMMM!)

Alun from Pontypridd

my mum went to wales on holiday and bought me back a 5ml bottle of this... i've got to say its absolutely beautiful. I know what i'll be putting on my birthday wish list !!! i'd recommend it to anyone to try , you really wont be disappointed, i promise you xxx

josephine cleobury

I am a believer in whiskies, whether single malt ot (finer) blends. I tried this whisky at the Wild Food Show in St Davids last September; tried it again in The Bishops in St Davids because I didn't believe it; bought a bottle and have just bought another. This is a really fine whisky nd I', only sorry I didn't have time to visit the distillery when visiting The Brecons 2 weeks ago. Something to look forward to I think

Bill Convery

Not to be treated with disrespect, a whisky that will safely introduce the uninitiated and bring a smile to the faces of the more regular drinker. Since I drank my first one its now on my 'must have a bottle' list. The range of spirits on offer are all worth some attention.


Like many others I tried Penderyn Single Malt out of curiosity. What a very pleasant surprise to find such a delicious and complex spirit. It is without doubt the best malt whisky I have tasted and I am now looking forward to trying your other products. It makes me even prouder of my Welsh background!

Paul Owen Davies

We regularly have whiskey tasting evenings where each brings a bottle to taste and we mark each whiskey, bit like 'Strictly come dancing' but without the dancing. Last tasting, the Maderia finish was absolute clear winner by a long way. Several new converts to the cause!

Chris Truran

Having been a fan of malt whiskey for years I was amazed to find out that there was a Welsh Malt. Having tried it ,I was so impressed that I bought some for close friends at Christmas. The phone never stopped ringing everyone saying that they loved it!

Joe Lawrence

I have enjoyed Whiskey drinking for almost 50 years and have tried varieties from many countries - including Japan. But I have to say that this welsh Whisky, Madeira finished, was a total surprise to me! I could not believe that it could taste so good. So do yourself a favour and buy a bottle. You will love the flavour. I am going to do myself a favour and try the other Penderyn varieties now.

Phil Longman

A whisky drinker for 35 years. This is the most enjoyable whisky of the many malts I have savoured. Scottish whisky makers take note. Hoping my wife buys me a bottle for New Year.

Andrew Reid

This is an excellent whisky, smooth and enjoyable - I'd recommend it to any whisky lover.



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