Brecon Gin

Brecon Special Reserve Gin 70cl

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Awarded "Gold Best in Class" in the Worldwide Gin 40% category at the International Wines & Spirits Competition 2011.

Taken neat, Brecon gin is a big traditional juniper gin laced with coriander and revealing hints of spicy cinnamon.  Add a mixer and the citrus freshness of oranges and lemons appear with nutmeg, liquorice and angelica in a supporting role.  The characteristic flavours go well with tonic, ice and lemon on a warm summer’s day with a refreshing juniper in the lead role but Brecon’s traditional heritage is equally at home besides a roaring fire on a cold night and will bring back memories of long hot summers past.


Abv 40%

























Brecon Gin Best in Class award
Brecon Gin
Brecon Gin
Brecon Gin

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What a fab Christmas gift from my sister (who lives in Cardiff)...the best gin I have ever tasted ...will definitely order some on-line as I am an ex-pat living in Nottingham!

Lyn G

I recieved a bottle as a gift......absolutely amazing gin.

Neil James

This is by far the best gin on the market. Used to think Blue Sapphire was the one to drink, until we invigorated our taste buds with this divine, scintallating and smooth Welsh beverage. Fortunately for us, its made just down the road. If you've never tried it, you are really missing out on a little bit of Welsh heaven. Just Cariad!


First met with Brecon Gin at the VIP lounge at Cardiff Airport. Absolutely gorgeous, best gin I have tasted. Thank you too, to my daughter Rhian, for my birthaday present, Brecon Gin!

Chris Smith

Worth waiting for.... I tried this 2yrs ago at Cardiff airport only to find I couldn't buy it locally. On a recent trip with work I found myself back in Cardiff so I bought a bottle only for it to smash into hundreds of pieces when it got knocked over on my way home. I was back at Cardiff last week and bought another bottle and it truly is the best gin I've tasted. (Good job really!) so glad to find I can now buy on line too.


At the end of a long day/week, what better way to relax than with a G&T. We have been on a quest to find a gin with perfect flavour, and can honestly say we have drank our way through most makes over the years, travelled far and wide in gin-joints all over the world...only to find this one Brecon,in our local Tesco! Smooth,sublime,refreshing, fits all the requirements at the end of along week.. We applaud and thank-you Penderyn

Karen & Chris

Was out looking for a bit special Gin in Ellesmere whilst visiting my sister-in-law over the Bank Holiday weekend. Went into Tesco and saw nothing special, that I recognised, but noticed this stuff with a Welsh name, that I'd never heard of, and decided that as we were not far from Wales it was worth a chance. Well, what a revelation, Welsh or not, simply delicious, creamy texture, wonderful subtle flavours, fabulous. Then my sister-in-law noticed that it was produced by the same people that make the beautifully delicious Welsh Malt Whiskey. Should really have clocked it myself, same bottle, same fabulous quality product! And I'm a Sweaty Sock!

Eddie Boyle

Given a bottle by a friend and have to say best gin I have tasted .

Sean Mulcahy Ireland

Bought a bottle of Brecon Special Reserve Gin during a recent trip to the Penderyn Distillery. It's sublime and great to find a award winning product from the mother country. My mother (who dislikes gin) and my husband both love it too, So although I've kept it for special occasions I now need another bottle! As an exile in England it'll have to be online purchase 'til I'm home for the next visit. Excellent over ice or with Fevertree Tonic - only the best will do.

Kim Ewens

'Bstleutly beautiful gin; best drunk neat, which is always the proof.

Caradoc Vaughan Giles

Absolutely stunning gin! Beats the mass produced "quality" gins by miles, but equally as fine as other bespoke gins, such as Sipsmiths. It is refreshingly £7 a bottle better value than Sipsmiths! I like mine with ice, lime, and Fevertree Tonic! Fevertree is the ONLY tonic that goes well with quality gin, especially Brecon Gin, without overpowering the subtle flavours of the botanicals!

Guy Thomas

The best gin I have ever had, family and friends agree. Makes buying gifts easy! Best drunk neat over an ice cube. A piece of Welsh Heaven!

A Gallagher

When I first tasted Penderyn gin (in Tesco in Aberporth at 10 in the morning!) , I was struck by the exquisite flavours that were so different from other gins that I was immediately won over. That was about six years ago and I have never touched another gin since then.

John Cummins

My wife has never drunk gin in her life. After trying yours I am now trying to source it in North Wales. Keep up the good work!!

Nigel Duttton

The best Gin by far

Alan in Southend

If you like me love a shot of whiskey then you will love this one, neat without ice the smell and taste is one of the great pleasures of this world and should not be missed there is no competition in this world and I do not need to taste another one, this is it, the best. If there is a God the person who made this will be on the right hand all other gin makers will be on the left, if they make it up there of course.

Peter Gibson-Barnfather

Beats the likes of Hendricks with ease. The best gin available.

Sally Merrett

Came across this superb gin while on a trip to Pembrokeshire recently. After trying it one evening, my colleagues and I cleared the shelf at the local supermarket to take bottles home with us. A great find, and now a sure present for anyone who appreciates excellent gin.


Simply the finest gin on the market. Absolute perfection

Stephen Stiles


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