Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur

Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur 70cl

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Merlyn is a unique magical blend of the finest Welsh malted barley spirit and pure fresh dairy cream and has a wonderfully smooth, mellow and irresistible flavour.  Merlyn is presented in a dark rich matt bottle with hand drawn calligraphy reflecting its smooth and mellow flavour.  The modern style of the bottle and red strip label signal the premium nature of this brand.


Abv 17%


Tasting Notes
Rich and warming creamy texture and fudge toffee is overlaid with the tingling aroma of fresh clean spirit. Gradually these give way to vanilla, hints of banana and exotic fruits – and even rose petals – all lingering gently in the background.

In the mouth the fruits are more intense and intermingle with the vanilla.  When swallowed the combination of fresh cream and complex spirit produce a mysterious depth which is difficult to describe but encourages the next mouthful.

Best served poured over ice and is an ideal indulgence drink or after dinner liqueur.






























Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur 70cl
Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur
Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur
Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur

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I discovered this just before New Year while staying with a friend in Yorkshire. We polished off the bottle rather quickly and since coming home I've had to buy it again, the flavour is just magnificent.

Susie McAuley

Once it's been opened it's impossible to put the top back on its so delicious. Certainly beating the Irish with this number.

Duncan Frewen

i have tried other cream liquers ( not a great fan of this type of drink ) until i sampled Merlyn i am now hooked this is something special.

Clive ( Cardiff )

Delicious , creamy and very enjoyable.

Eleanor James.

This is a taste of heaven

Catherine masterson

Once it's been opened it's pretty much impossible to re-open the bottle! My partner has been away from home for a few weeks now and I've not been able to even have a glass because the top seems to be stuck on. Is it screw-cap or pull off?! Thank you!


I first tried this lush drink when I went home to visit my Sons in Wales and was hooked straight away, I brought a few bottles back with me and have been buying it on-line ever's well lush!! A very happy customer :)

Sandra MacKENZIE

Whilst on a whisky tour at Penderyn (a must for any collector) I sampled this liqueur. Just like the rest of the companies range this product is superb ! Served neat and chilled it was a luxury to drink and surpasses any other brand of cream liqueur. I brought 6 bottles for gifts that day and will no doubt be buying more in the future. The black bottle is also a thing of beauty. Staff stated otherways to use : Creme brûlée On ice cream In coffee My favourite yet to try - drop a Cadbury flake in it (sounds lush).

Garreth evans (Brighton,uk)

Please Please can you sell it in West Yorkshire

Sandra Hannan

My favourite cream liqueur. Just really wish they sold it where I live!


Love it:) The best cream liquer:)


Just wish they would sell it in yorkshire...




Much better than other cream liqueurs....I have been converted...went on the distillery tour...and bought 10 bottles...which went in a few short months...


This is without doubt the nicest drink i've ever had. Its like intaking a small sphere of an upper class baileys thats coated in an outer caseing of superior whiskey that magically melts together on the palatte and quite literally makes you smile. A work of genius, a liqueur with the X factor.

G Edwards

Had the opportunity to try this recently on our first trip to wales. Found wonderfully wamr and rich - much like Wales itself. The vendor was very much correct in stating that if you liked Bailey's then you would Love this as it is (personally) a much superior drink. Now to only convince one of our very few private liquor stores to carry your product


Best cream liqueur ever!

Dave Crook

You will not be dissapointed - the best cream liqueur I've ever had.

Mathew Fisher

This drink is GEORGEOUS. It's so much smoother and tastier than other branded Cream Liqueurs and you can defiantly taste the hints of chocolate. I visit family in South Wales every year, and we have now started making a special trip to Penderyn just so I can stock up on my Merlyn.

Wendy from Milton Keynes

Merlyn is a lovely drink. My parents brought us a bottle back from a holiday in Wales and we have finished it already! So hence why we are back on this website to try and acquire some more!

Katie and Jonathan

I bought this for my father for his birthday - he said it is LOVELY!!

Deb McBride

I enjoy cream liqueur, but since I found Merlin, back in the 'days' of the old shape bottle, I've not bought anything else. Much, much smoother than other brands and number one on my list for my birthday and Yule gifts! Not for sharing, well, I won't share mine anyway LOL.


Being originally from Carmarthenshire, I stumbled across Penderyn on a visit home from Cheshire and introduced it to my new family. We bought a bottle of Merlyn on our last visit and WOW ! This is so much smoother and tastier than any of the other stuff on the market. We will be buying on line......shame we can't pop down to the local (we'll endeavour to spread the word).

Evelyn, Cheshire

Im a welshman but live in the midlands. I used to be a big baileys fan, but not since my tour of the penderyn distillery towards the start of the year. Im trying to convert as many people as I can up this end to Merlyn, but I have to agree with the other comments made on this sight, the only negative I can give is the availability up my neck of the woods. Still, as long as you still deliver, I'll be happy. Merry Christmas everyone

Craig Cousins

Lovely smooth drink, my favourite cream liqueur on the market. We used this and the whisky (mini size) as wedding favours and they were very popular. Only negative difficuly to buy in shops.



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