Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky Sherrywood 70cl

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Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky is finished to impart a generous flavour of subtle complexity.  Hand crafted to perfection, the unique distillation and maturation produces a single malt whisky in which the Penderyn style is enhanced by rich tones of dry sherry. 






Dr Jim Swan’s Tasting Notes

The Penderyn Sherrywood in this bottle has been aged in ex-bourbon barrels and ex-Oloroso sherry casks to bring out its rich fruity flavour. At a generous 46% ABV, it has the classic Penderyn freshness, while aromas of dark fruit and rich toffee mingle with green apples and hazelnuts to create a deeper mystery. On the palate rich sweetness gives way to refreshing dryness, yet sweet notes of toffee and sultana persist in the long finish.

70cl Penderyn Single Malt Whisky - Sherrywood finish

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I could not believe how good it is. I was given a bottle as a gift and thought hey ho . I am now a convert. AMAZING.

Howard Jones

I have every bottle of Penderyn, even the PT26 & PT68 Portwood. I havn't yet opened the Portwoods but have frequently tasted the "three". My favorite is the Sherrywood. Each and everyone of us will appreciate the subtle flavours that each bottle delivers but the strong sultana and nut taste with the aroma of the Sherrywood makes it a winner for me. My preference is with a side glass of iced water to clean palette and gently release even more flavours. Absolute devine!

Mr Leigh Haslett

I am not a whisky fan, but, I was bought a bottle for my birthday. It was 1litre and in one night it is all gone. It was wonderful. Fortunately I was helped by friends. A top class drink to share only with special friends!

Harry Nixon

I have had a few bottels of Penderyn Madeira whisky, and loved it the best, but the last time i orderd SHERRYWOOD, THIS IS GOT TO BE THE BEST WHISKY GOING. I have just orded 2 more bottels.

Ivor Simpkins

Quite simply one of the best Whiskeys I have ever tasted and is a treasure you really feel you should share with others....... but don't want too many people to know about.

Andrew Seymour

This is quite frankly 'top drawer'..Everyone who has a received a bottle of Penderyn agrees that it is a true classic...

Andy Wing

i was sent a bottle of this whisky which i had never heard of by two friends from Wales whom i met in Barbados. I sat with a friend who cant tell water from whisky too well and gave him a sip of my drink. He is now hooked and i have to see if i can get some from there to Barbados. The flavors and taste are just right.


very impressed,had a glass on visit to friends house in the glen of aherlow co tipperary ireland last weekend and enjoyed very much,can i buy this in ireland i wonder

cyril boyhan

I have just tasted this whisky for the first time and found it absolutely delicious. As a long time fan of scottish malts, I would never have expected a Welsh whisky to have this degree of subtlety. Rather expensive at the moment but well worth the money. Savour and enjoy. Thanks Jon. Cheers!

Carol Berry


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